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Hardwood flooring facts for your journey

As you search for the perfect hardwood flooring for your home, a few critical facts could change your entire experience. You probably already know that this material offers one of the most extended lifespans in the industry, at more than 100 years with proper maintenance. And it’s also effortless to personalize, thanks to a variety of attractive options.

Hardwood flooring and what it can do for you

Hardwood flooring and what it can do for you If durability is what you need most, then a suitable species is your most important feature. Species are rated according to their hardness, and the harder the species, the more durable they are and the longer they will last. You can add a good sealant for even more protection. Another way to protect your floors and hide signs of aging and wear is to choose a finish as distressed, vintage, or hand scraped. They’re a great choice if you have children or pets and work well in high-traffic areas of your home. For even more protection, be sure to consider area rugs, mats, or runners, to trap debris and guard against excessive wear.If you have existing décor to match, there are plenty of visual options in this flooring line. A stain color can offer hues that range from clear, highlighting your chosen species’ natural beauty to ebony black and everything in between. When everything comes together as a whole, including various installation methods and styles, you’ll have a completely personalized floor covering. For areas where solid wood is not a legitimate option, such as below-grade spaces, engineered wood flooring is an excellent alternative. In addition to durability and design, you’ll find these floors are constructed in layers to provide outstanding protection Dampness, moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations are no problems for this material.

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